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2-LA Design works with NBA for NBA 72nd anniversary, launched 3 basketball shoes to celebrating NBA's historic achievement in sports and Humanistic care in NBA flagship store Taipei 6/8 2018. 
The 2nd model from series : "Dawn" , indicating that although NBA owns 72 years great history and moments, but the brighter future is coming.
"Dawn" is designed with principle of form as function, shared the same sole design as "Moment", but the upper is where "Dawn" shines its own personality, protective band is introduced to provide high level of projection for ankle, the shape of band is inspired by Mask that players wears to project face. the fading pattern in the "eye" area inspired by power of dribbling

Parametric pattern: the core elements is classic and stable triangle shape, it applies on shoes from upper to mid-sole, each triangle connected with different level of strength, in where it flexes, the inner strength pushes pattern out more, the space in patterns will provide extra shock absorption when player lands on ground. Similar pattern on upper PU is the tune down version from mid-sole, the pattern makes PU has a little flexibility but also strong enough to provide protection for ankle. we tweaked tons of version of patterns for best balance of visual and performance, at same time the material application and manufacturing methods.

Product launch day in NBA store Taipei 6/8 2018:
Photo by Bounce
NBA Store Taipei
Xiaoxi is holding "Dawn"