PayPal’s Joy of Simple
Safe, simple and fast

With Christmas near, our task was to create a campaign encouraging users to take the complexity out of shopping with PayPal. There is nothing more satisfying than the joy of completing your Christmas shopping, and what more if it could be done without even having to rush with the crowds at the shops?

We set out to remind shoppers about the simple joys of Christmas. Brought to them by PayPal, it included the ability to shop on the go, to bag the greatest deals, and to avoid the queues, with guaranteed safety and security.

To directly express the idea of simplicity, we created a set of illustrations with icons created in bold colours and simple shapes. These illustrations were used in eDMs, online banners and outdoor media including Singapore’s MRT trains and walkways, all with a simple accompanying message - that users can experience the Joy of Simple with PayPal.
PayPal The Joy of Simple