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    A classroom project to create a sans serif logotype.
MOJOJOJOINC. (sans serif logotype)
Classroom Project (2009)
With an intention to understand the basics of letterform design, I created a sans serif logotype first by hand and later digitally. After having understood the process and the calculations that are involved in making a letterform, i created the letter H, G and N by cutting paper. This letterform was later corrected and all the other alphabets were made on Adobe Illustrator.
The letters H, G and N made by hand in three different weights.
The complete sans serif logotype. As the objective was to make a unique logotype, legibility was not given priority.
The logo made using the logotype.
A couple of conceptual business cards for a hypothetical graphic design studio called MojoJojo inc. The form of the cards has been derived from the letter O of the logotype.