Turkey Hill Iced Tea TV Spots 2008
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    TV and print for America's #1 refrigerated iced tea. Turkey Hill Dairy. 2008.
Turkey Hill Dairy
America's #1 Refrigerated Iced Tea Campaign 2008
We created a series of spots that targeted markets in NYC, Baltimore, DC, and South Carolina to increase sales and awareness for Turkey Hill Dairy's iced tea brand. We played up on the "cold" attribute of the iced tea and created scenarios where the iced tea freezes anything it touches. Our characters either discover this ice happening for the first time, or they are in-the-know and prepared for such an occurrence.

Subtlety, dryness and a little uncomfortable silence gave us the differentiation we needed when played next to the loud and clamorous spots that are the popular norm today.

Sales for Turkey Hill Iced Tea rose by 20% in total, adding new fans to the brand while keeping our loyal base.