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    An ad campaign for PureAyre, pet odor eliminator in Advertising Design class. This project is not used in any commercial issue.
PureAyre Ad
A PureAyre's ad campaign in Advertising Design class.
This project is not used for any commercial issue.
In my Advertising Design class, I have been assigned to do an ad campaign for PureAyre, a pet odor eliminator. First of all, I have come with the idea of "Revive Your Pet" to represent with pet corpses because in my childhood I have always heard that animal corpses have absolutely awful smell so we have to use this eliminator to revive your pets back to life.
After the sketch revision, the copy text should be changed to a message which is more easily understandable and directly to readers. Finally, I have used a question "Your pet smells like a corpse?" to pause the readers to think then they will see the answer--the product next to the message.
For art direction, representing a pet,doing normal activity in a regular place of its own, yet it looks like it is already died from different situations, accidents such as disease, being devoured by bugs, or even car collision.
T H A N K  Y O U