As you all may know the current financial stability in Iran is fragile, therefore in order to exchange money you need a safe exchange department especially if you're a businessman or businesswoman. Now, because day by day we see advances in technology and communications throughout the world, there is requirement for more modern and flexible design even for systems that are running for years.
Concepts of the logo and design:

 The concept includes parts of old and previous designs that remains in new stationary design as far as possible.

This is the general illustration theme that is designed for posters and graphic design, also interior design of the company.

Default poster with general illustration:
The slogan of posters, "With you, even in furthest place" (in Persian: همراه با شما، حتی در دور دست‌ها) stands for the idea that remains in consumers minds. The idea that reminds possibility of trips, international contracts or living in a foreign country is nothing to worry about because their money can be exchanged easily.

Also, additional posters were illustrated for the campaign of "With you, even in furthest place" with focus on traveling:

Simplification in UI/UX Design and shifting calculation into the background and avoiding users to involve in complicated financial details was in design's purposes.​​​​​​​

In the same vein, related objects that were illustrated to unite theme of design are used in web-design/applications/posters/gift-card and etc.

Milad Exchange