AIGA-DC meets with Obama's creative team, 1/14/13
first security check point
step 1: pass a federal background check
outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB)
to the metal detectors...
taking photos in the corridors on the way to the reception room
Bruce Reed‘s office
advise us out of this bad economy... dammit!
oddly enough, no actual Indian treaties were signed or broken in this room
Indian Treaty Room, the former Navy Department Library Reception Room
view of the West Wing from the window of the Indian Treaty room
“Media Beach” just outside the West Wing
meeting with the White House design and photography team
White House Creative Director, Kodiak Starr (in grey jacket and black tie), talks about a project that was mocked on the Colbert Report
Latin reads “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”
detail of the corner moulding on the marble panels in the Indian Treaty Room
encaustic tiles on the floor of the Indian Treaty Room
it’s not easy to get to W. Executive Avenue & State Place
Undoubtedly the first, and last, time I will ever be in the EEOB.