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    All Packaging design concept and exercise
Some photos using images that maybe become a right to someone, i only use it for propose and execise only and never been released or sale or using in commercial purpose

DELMAR Fruit Halves
The idea is that the fruit in the can made from fresh fruit directly from the tree
MAGNIFIC Powder Milk 
The Concept are there's two design which belong to The Good Side and The Bad side, so we can put together and saw it look like they start to do some battle
WRP Sachet Edition
For this design actually not an exercise, because the client ask for the Final Art Work from me and agreed to execute it. Maybe The Clients (PT NUTRIFOOD INDOESIA) already published it, but i never saw this packaging outside. So if i see this packaging in a real deal, i will deleted it and move it to new portofolio folder as a real packaging.
DIABETAMIL Export edition
I made this for product in saudi Arabia, but sadly the client choose the other design. but nevermind i love the design so i share it :D
NUTRI SARI New Design Concept (Exercise Only)
​NutriSari Concept Design 1
​​NutriSari Concept Design 2
​NutriSari Concept Design 3
A NutriSari variant but sell in Nigeria and the brand going to be called Nutri-C. These are some exercise of Nutri-C design. Never been Published no commercial use
DIABETAMIL Export edition
Another Alternative for Tropicana Slim Diabetamil Export to Saudi Arabia, but this is only the concept and the project is cancel and they change the direction of design. but i like the design, so i share it