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Full Battery - Branding

This was a small company with an ex school partner, he was making this furniture for recharge
the phone battery on any place.
But they just have the name, and some pictures of what they like (son cartoons of a cycle of the battery, or some things like a battery on morning, and night, things like that).
So I take all that, and started to make some draws.
then I made all them on the PC, and this is how they were:
The furniture was customizable for every new client, we have the institutional design (I made 3 options) and then the adaptations for any brand that take one of them, some of this takes a screen where we can put some ads.
Institutional Design
Brands adaptations
The ones with screen have this short video explaining how to use properly the system:
The low resolution is because the screen was a digital portrait.
Full Battery - Branding