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    Wedding Invitations

Me and my fiance are getting married this September and I decided that I would do everything I could .... starting with the invitations!
The theme we chose was Wonderland, because "we're all mad here!"
For the invitations I tried to portray a bit of the history and the ideal of Wonderland
The idea is to offer our guests the key to join us in this new adventure.
The playing card represents me, Sara - The Queen  and André - the King. The hearts are obviously the symbol of our love. By giving the cards to the guests we invite them to be part of this "game" we're starting.

Every invitation was made and designed by me and, apart from the playing card, which was printed, the remaining work was done manually, one by one.
Each invitation is personalized for the guest, having their name on the card and on the envelope.
I'm having so much fun.
Expect to see more!