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SCRAMBLER DUCATI / re branding
a lucky re-branding
When Ducati engage us to re brand the Scrambler as a sub brand, I felt lucky.
The Scrambler was the brand name for a series of motorcycles made by Ducati for the American market from 1962 until 1974.
After more than six month of research & define, and tons of coffe
We define a strategy, elbow to elbow, with the Scrambler Ducati team. 
Than we start to design the new Scrambler Ducati Visual Identity, mission and 
future vision. The team came up with a lot of ideas and inspirations to spread the new brand through traditional and new media channels. 
The shipping container was the first idea. Used as a teaser. Introducing the brand, 
the new word-mark and the yellow key color, giving a clear message: 
The new Scrambler Ducati is here. Ready to be shipped worldwide.
Here down below you can see the re branding project.  

Viva Scrambler & The Land of Joy!
Ducati introduced the Scrambler sub-brand in 2015, the strategy was to provide newish riders an accessible gateway to the rest of Ducati’s more aspirational bikes. But after record sales in 2015, including 16,000 Scramblers sold worldwide, it was clear the Scrambler brand was a great success.
The Scrambler corner inside the Ducati Museum
brand director: Mario Alvisi at Scrambler Ducati
product manager: Claudio De Angeli, at Scrambler Ducati
marketing: Angelo Marino, Rocco Canosa at Scrambler Ducati
produced by 515 creative shop
client relaltion: Riccardo Pietrantonio at 515
strategic, creative direction and design: Luca Pilutza at 515
graphic design & tuning: Riccardo Sorgente at 515
accounting: Riccardo Giacobini at 515

Thank you for reading.
Luca Pilutza
SCRAMBLER DUCATI / re branding

SCRAMBLER DUCATI / re branding