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"Diesel Locomotive" Virtual Cutaway
Diesel Locomotive Virtual Cutaway
​​​​​​​Interactive installation for railway museum with video wall moving along diesel locomotive and showing its internal structure. Installation was developed and built from scratch including mechanical, electrical design and its original video content.
Video wall screen height is 4.5m; travel distance is about 22m. 1mm - accuracy is ensured for the whole travel path. Engineering phase takes almost a year starting from mechanical structure development followed by electrical part, programming and safety.

Drive system CAD model
Fragments of project documentation.
Construction in progress.
Control system based on Beckhoff industrial PC. Thanks to TwinCAT3 it was possible to simulate system behavior, logic and even motion without real hardware. Thereby commissioning time was reduced significantly. AX5000 digital servo drive drives utilise EtherCAT as a high-performance communication system, providing 2ms cycle time for positioning task. Embedded DIN-rail PC running logic and gives video playback commands to Screenberry multimedia server via Ethernet. One of the most demanding part was motion and video synchronization which precision was achieved with the use of built-in TwinCAT Scope software. Real movement dumps were used to render final content.
Main electrical cabinet.
Safety systems includes two SICK Safety laser scanners mounted on both sides of moving video wall. Protection area is defined and programmed to detect a human or an obstacle behind safety fence. Two safety circuits with OSSD signals monitored by Beckhoff Safety PLC running safety program independently from Main software PLC. If the emergency situation is detected "STOP" command issued to the drive via EtherCAT first and via TwinSAFE drive option card afterwards.
Safety system with TwinSAFE PLC, Laser scanners and safety relays.
CG content illustrates internal structure of the Soviet era diesel locomotive with technical authenticity. Particular showpiece is rare, last pre-series model (ТЭП70-007). Complete 3D model was created and animated from the photos and archive blueprints from scratch in Pitch bureau.

Model of ТЭП70-007 locomotive. Image courtesy of Rustam Arazov and Pitch bureau.
Made in PITCH 
Control system design & Commissioning: Vladimir Makhnov
Electrical Project & Programming: Valery Kozhuhov, Alexandr Lukin,Vladimir Makhnov
Electrical cabinet manufacturing: Electro.Moscow
Technical documentation: Oleg Savichev
Multimedia server assistance: FrontPictures
CG & Content development: PITCH

Saint Petersburg, 2017
"Diesel Locomotive" Virtual Cutaway


"Diesel Locomotive" Virtual Cutaway

Interactive installation for railway museum with video wall moving along diesel locomotive and showing its internal structure.


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