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[EN]  Dotnik Studio is a young and ambitious product design, development and engineering agency in New Delhi region. The mission of the company is to provide comprehensive solutions for startups and businesses. In addition, their passion towards design and their enthusiastic team of designers, developers and marketeers help them to provide a wide array of endless hopes in 'be it' creating, establishing or even 're-doing' a brand's visual identity.

Dotnik in general is a re-branding or to be more precise it's a complete makeover of Brandacity, that has been known to create world-class user experiences and have been crafting visually stunning and appealing pixels since 21st century. So, our mission was to maintain the same legacy and give a revolutionary transformation to Brandacity.

We decided to focus on this brand’s energetic, positive, innovative and result oriented character. As a result of this, we created a brand which is more clean, minimal, modern and full of energy. We created a responsive logo based on the full name of the agency.

Challenge: To create a brand identity, including other design collaterals and stationery of the agency and later on a responsive website design and doing digital marketing for the same. Logo needs to be comprised of a responsive logo that includes a pictorial mark (or logo symbol) and a workdmark (or logotype). Then to incorporate a eye or a dot that comes itself from the theme and name of the agency dotnik and the starting word "d" in the pictorial mark. So, We used "d" and made a shape with rounded and less edged corners (to showcase that it has a wide array of endless hopes in providing design solutions) instead of complete edged corners. Then the next step in our mission was to incorporate a dot that comes from the name of the agency dotnik, so we made a dot in the center of the rounded d shape of the logo that also gives a visualization of an eye when looked at first sight. After which we created a very clean, minimalistic and modern workdmark which represents the dot at the top right corner of the custom cut sans-serif dotnik font. For Dotnik our challenge was to lose the normal no clap approach and make the most out of their rapid successful growth; to create a brand that is a worthy competitor right at the very front of the pack.
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"An eye to visualize the world!" -dotnik •
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dotnik •

dotnik •

"An eye to visualize the world!" -dotnik • Make you brand fly high like an eagle. Focus, sharp & precise visualization just like an eagle's eye. Read More


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