[ 2 one 5 ] Creative 2013 Show Reel
Art Direction | Motion Graphics | Video Production
How do you create the kinds of experience consumers are looking for today? Branding in 2013 is all about the conversation – it’s about exploding preconceptions and creating buzz, of harnessing and leveraging all the opportunities that this hyper-media world has to offer. It’s about building bridges through consumer engagement, and the easiest way to bring a consumer to your brand is to bring your brand to the consumer. That’s exactly what [ 2 one 5 ] Creative has done for clients such as Bon Hiver Freebase Binding Systems, ScissorCandy, North Broad Living, iW Magazine, Flat Fitty, Govberg Jewelers, and more. Through this original content creation, our clients have seen increased brand awareness, increased consumer conversations, and increases in revenue across the board.