The Yojhi Yamamoto satellites.
"CUTTING AGE" Yojhi Yamamoto in Berlin. 
This project was produced by 515 creative shop, BlackBoardBerlin and Andreas Murkudis.
Yohji Yamamoto has always been an anticonformist, a groundbraker. Berlin, as
a city, has the same spirit of independence. The homepage of Cutting Age celebrates the symposium between the artist and the city by staging the YY Satellites, an internet based art project interely ispired by and for Yohji Yamamoto. A double sided grunge website with an informational (on the right) and an escapist side (on the left).
"the YY Satellites" 
Is a very sophisticated branded contents project The challenge was to create a 
real & digital experience to celebrate the genius of Yojhi Yamamoto both online and offline. 
The outcome was what we call "the YY Satellites" a series of unbranded guerrilla projects, in the streets of Berlin and  mysterious temporary webpages full of branded contents.
You can explore the temporary Yojhi Yamamoto  satellites by clicking here:
"Sponsored by Audi as part of the renowned Gallery Week-end taking place in the German capital which attracts, every year, thousands of people, the fashion show was held in the heart of Kreuzberg, among the concrete walls of Saint Agnes church. A ubiquitous presence on the Paris fashion scene for over thirty years, Yamamoto explores the frontier between art and fashion by way of avant-garde silhouettes that are able to interpret the personality of the wearer, regardless of the age, always with great tact.
The standing ovation of the public is yet another piece of evidence of Yohji Yamamoto’s role in fashion, and not only: that of a designer whose vision always conveys its message by means of a pure and atemporal style."  
Francesca Ragazzi  at Vogue  29 - 04 - 2013

The Idea behind the digital platform and  web pages is that you just have to press as much yyyyyy as you want adding .jp at the end to. enter to the "the YY satellites" pages. so you can deep dive into the branded contents 
just using left and right arrows " < > "

You can re-navigate the temporary 
Yojhi Yamamoto satellites by clicking here:
Client: Gen Toide & Tatjana Sprick. at Yojhi Yamamoto. 
Produced by 515 creativeshop & BBB BlackBoardBerlin.
Concept & Creative idea: Gilda Scaglioni & Luca Pilutza at 515.
Strategy & Production:  Riccardo Pietrantonio & Alessandro Quaregna at 515 / BBB.
Design & Tuning: Francesca Tambussi at BBB.
Filming & Editing: Alessandro Pietrantonio & Nicolo Dragoni at 515 / BBB.
Film Photographs: Monica Carocci for 515 / BBB.
Music: Iokoi, Thelicious, Davide Tomat, Utku Taviel, Eskinzio, Sigurd Ytre-Arne 

Thank you for reading 
Luca Pilutza.
YOHJI YAMAMOTO / branded contents

YOHJI YAMAMOTO / branded contents



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