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Balance deepens and explores the materia. The steel sheets become the center of the investigation, a basic and essential element present on my baggage as an architect, that becomes the starting point for the development of pieces that share a language in common; the equilibrium.
CLOSE, Painted steel 34 x 25 x 50cm
RISE & FALL, Painted steel 30 x 70 x 23cm
EQUILIBRIUM, Polished stainless steel 65 x 90 x 55 cm
CLOSE 2, Painted steel 35 x 25 x 50cm
ARROW, Polished stainless steel 55 x 45 x 70cm
HOUSE, Painted steel 35 x 55 x 30cm
TRI-ANGLE, Polished stainless steel 37 x 27 x 40cm
RISE & FALL, Painted steel 30 x 70 x 23cm
BALANCE, Painted steel 70 x 30 x 75cm