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When you can't make an ad, make a cocktail.

Oh, then, what has a cocktail to do with advertising? Well, this cocktail is a unique effort from Virgin Atlantic to communicate with its Upper class clientele. How do you give Sydney's movers and shakers a taste of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class? By creating 'The Upper Class Virgin', a signature cocktail launched at some of Sydney's most exclusive bars. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class has the most exclusive bar in the world: How many other bars see you enter in Sydney and leave in Hong Kong or London, are 37,000 feet high in the sky and cost upwards of $8000 to get into? So we thought what better way to get to our target, who have the flash and cash to afford a ticket, than by giving them a taste of what Virgin Atlantic have to offer, on the grounds where they mingle. With compliments of Sir Richard Branson himself, 'The Upper Class Virgin' rolled out across Sydney's cocktail bar menus and Virgin Atlantic took the initiative globally.