Pureflames Identity Design
CONTEXT  I had the opportunity of re-branding a kitchen appliance manufacturing company which was expanding its vision. They had problems with inconsistency and visibility which brought them to approach me.
Left Image: Shows the different logos Pure Flames used under which they marketed their  products.
Right Image: The general brand colors of competitive brands in the market
market research 
It was observed that most brands in the kitchen appliance industry use primary colours with red being the most common. The type of imagery, packaging and presentation was more or less similar. If a new product had to stand out, it had to do so with a strong and simple visual presence

The name Pure Flames brings words like efficiency, honest, and energy. Since the domain is the kitchens, words like family, togetherness, domestic comes to mind. The idea was to make something modern, clean and in sync with the sleekness of the product and requirement of today's kitchen. 
Blue is the colour of the flame when it burns with high efficiency and less soot production. It also happens to be a less explored colour in the market in the appliance market. 
Left: Concept sketches using flame as the main icon   |   Right: Blue flame as efficient and 'pure'
While digitizing the chosen direction an illusion was created between the strokes and it looks like the fire moved. Using that and deciding on an open countered font we finalized the logo as below and rendered it in a saturated bright blue. 
Logo and Wordmark: The font chosen was Museo Sans for its boldness, sleekness and warmth. It having a monostroke helps maintain consistency between the image and the wordmark.

Colour: The blue is saturated and needs to be specially made for all products. The idea is to standout from all the other brands, be bold and attract the audience. The idea is also that this blue becomes unanimous to Pureflames. 
Variations of the logo
Set in MUSEO SANS 700 and 100 suggested as house font for Pureflames
Basic Stationery
Magazine Ads that have bold messaging in bold type.
Packaging: The thought was that the packaging should be beautiful enough to gift without wrapping it.
Suggested packaging format where the colour dominates and gives the most basic information on the cover. This is also considering tastes of people of a higher economic class.
Pureflames Identity Design

Pureflames Identity Design

Identity Design for Kitchen Appliance Company


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