chadTYPE was one of several typefaces I created during the 3-week intensive workshop, ART256 - Digital Typeface Design.  Any tools or processes could be used to develop the typefaces, however, the final deliverables required each typeface to be constructed using fontstruct.
The restrictions for this project:
• each character must be limited to a 9x9 grid
• the typeface must include the 26 basic characters (a-z) or (A-Z).
Given a very limited bit-depth to work in, I used the project as an exercise in reduction.  From this single exercise, I developed 3 "weights" or variations to add a greater hierarchical range within the family and within each variation, I added 80 characters.
Aesthetically Fly
The workshop culminated with the collation of Aesthetically Fly, the book,  which showcases the typefaces designed by all of the DTD students throughout the workshop.  The spread I designed to present chadTYPE is pictured below.
Aesthetically Fly can be seen in it's entirety at Blurb.  To see chadTYPE and the rest of the typefaces created during the workshop, follow the link below.