Programa de Avaliação Institucional // ID
The Institutional Evaluation Project is an action instrument capable of pointing out the performance of an specific institution and detect distortions between what was planned and the reality, offering support to correct the situation, with all the conditions necessary to rebuild the company's goals. That said, the P.A.I. project is created through Atte Group, destined to evaluate and support various institutions.
This brand represents all the evaluation and development proccess applied by the project. This makes the brand design more complete, printing the values and the work through the identity. The concept of the brand comes from the usual rewards for a good performance, the star. We chose the star as the main symbol and it guides all the stages of the branding design.
We divided the core into 4 stages that guide all the consultancy implementation process. The Support, the Vision, the Forethought and the Solution defines the default path the project will follow in any assistance. With these stages we could organize the brand design for a better comunication and interaction with clients, in order to guide the project execution. From some variations of the star, we created three definitions that follows a movement order, linear and progressive, for each stage. 
Hope you enjoy it!
Agency:   Comma
Client:      Atte Group
Role:         Concept, Design, Creative Direction.
Year:         2012