Project Homecourt
About the project
“Homecourt” is an application that allows streetballers to find courts, learn about these courts and team up with other ballers in order to go there for a session of casual pick-up basketball. Street basketball is different from competitive basketball. It’s not also about winning, it is also about style, moves and attitude. This is the spirit we is built into this application.

The objective of this application is to solve two major frustrations streetball face at the moment of wanting to play basketball at a public basketball court:
 - I would like to play but I have to leave the court without having played because nobody was there
 - I would like to play but I don't know which court to go to in an unknown city

Understanding the User
Through thorough user research and analysis, three personas were created: Louisa, our main persona, Christopher (the baller) and Vanja (the routinier). After having defined the personas, a task analysis was conducted.

User Personas
Our primary persona: Louisa (the freshman)
User Journey Map
User journey mapping of Louisa's trip to the Basketball court
User Flows
In order to find out how certain problems of the user can be solved by Homecourt, user flows were created. These user flows built the basis for the first prototypes.
In order to gain first impressions of how the final app could look like, I created simple low-fidelity paper prototypes to check the user flows for flaws and errors.

Once the rough outline was clear, I took it to the next level and I created mid-fidelity prototypes using Balsamiq Mockups. Based on these screens, I created a clickable prototype in order to use it for the next step.
Using the clickable mid-fidelity prototype, I conducted some user testing with interviews. The interviews were made both remotely as well as in-person with some test subjects that correspond to the target audience. Based on the test results, I could find out were the users still experienced friction and improve the usability according to the user research.
Refining the Design
Find a clickable prototype here:
Through intensive user research and by involving potential users as often as possible in the design process, a product was built that meets the actual needs of the users.



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