Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga
toy commercial
I recently worked on the Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga commercial. These are just a few environment RND shots, and character lighting/texturing tests I did in the run up to final delivery.

My main tasks on this project included: Lighting, Layout, Texturing, Rendering, and managing the overall project.
A big thanks to everybody who's talents, skills, and input helped take this project from animatic to final. George, Ringjo, Geof, Jason Tamayo and his team, Vojo, Mia, Rob, Jason and anybody else I missed, thank you.

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This is an edit of the animated shots we did, which were then split into two separate commercials, for the two different products, Angry Birds Star Wars AT-AT Attack Battle Game, and Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Death Star.
This was a snow and trails test I did, for the Hoth sequence. In the end, a simpler version was used, due to time constraints, and how much of it we actually saw in the final edit.
Thanks for viewing and appreciating! :)
Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Commercial