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Sarkela Corporation - luxury builder in USA
Sarkela Corporation is a construction company in Florida, founded in 1993 as a residential developer and general contracting firm. Sarkela Corporation has earned a reputation for its impeccable craftsmanship, architectural distinction, fiscal responsibility, attention to detail, and long-term customer satisfaction. Specializes in the development and construction of multi-storey residential buildings and high-rise luxury condominiums.

Led by Rodney Sarkela, Sarkela Corporation will turnkey manage the entire construction process, from the design and architectural phase until the day you move in. Sarkela Corporation is committed to delivering the highest quality product available on the market today.
It was necessary to develop a modern logo, which will correspond to the level of the company.

At the time of the development, Sarkela Corp. there was no expressed corporate identity and logo. Design was developed from scratch, not based on the previous one. It was important to make a simple and modern logo that will be easy to remember and print on any surface. For the idea was taken the form of the house. After creating a lot of sketches, it was decided to stop at the simplest. The shape of the house is asymmetric, which gives a reference to the architectural uniqueness of each company object. The style of the logo is like design drawing elements. The font of the logo is stable and restrained, like the graphic part. Together they form a single composition that fulfills the requirements of the task.
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Sarkela Corporation - luxury builder in USA