Tetrao urogallus (also called the Wood Grouse) is known as the biggest bird of the forest. Now its population is decreasing and for the reason to protect this wood creature in Lithuania it is included in the Lithuanian Red book. Tetrao urogallus has a few characteristic details: the red big eyebrow, blue-green feathers, impressive tail as a fridge. This bird lives in Europe, Asia and Siberia and is the adornment of the forest.


The illustration is dedicated for an international contest of illustrations 'International Award On Scientific Illustration 2018'. In its sixth edition I try to improve a graphic style which I have found a year ago taking part in the same contest. This time I combine two graphic techniques: hand drawing and digital painting. The aim was to leave a sense of drawing and a bit of sketch. All that gives for composition more dynamics and vitality.
There are revealed several positions of the character and its details. 
This work was one more opportunity to enrich an experience of my own creativity finding out a new harmony of colors and a variety of textures.
I believe that it is one more step to go futher.

The final result of the art work
The whole figure of the bird
A head with the recognizable red eyebrow 
A bird in a flight position 
A red eyebrow which is an accent of the bird
A fragment of the feathers which are in various shades of blue 
A principle of coloring 
A process of hand drawing took a lot of attention for each detail
Thanks! / Ačiū!