La Rada_2013
Util surfacel:   4.730 m2
Area floor:      4.843m2
The project is located in the walled city of Rada. This is a settlement that served as border fortress of Pamplona to protect the city. During that time there were numerous clashes between Christians and Muslims to take over the territory.
The project abstracts those battles from pitched roofs. The ceramic covers are finished in the top face of the roof with Roman tile, and the other on its underside with Arab designs. The different heights of roofs and skylights create the inclinations relating to the user with the sky, so with the Divine.
It also builds visitor service area, following the same logic as in the covers. Is made through a triangular module that generates the set has an organic growth, infinite but controlled. The visitor service area serves as a small fortress, as was the settlement itself, completely closed off with opaque walls, light enters the courtyard and skylights.
Courtyards appear on the large deck that break the rhythm and generate different spatial sensations.
To view the final design: