Sint-Truiden: a terrific town with a rich history and a promising future. And yet... something was missing to make the city really come alive. A place where the Truienaars & Truinoskes could boast how proud they are of their town of fruits. A place where visitors would feel the heart of Haspengouw beat and enjoy the charming atmosphere.

That’s all about to change now. Creneau International created wine bar ‘Balthazar’, which proudly tells a story of rural tastes and likes, serving quality wines (not only in 12 litre bottles, mind you) and local produce from the region. Behind the giant window/pivot door façade, a long (and winding) corridor runs to the bar, where people can sit, chitchat and relax while having a nice glass of wine.
Authentic materials such as sturdy oak set the tone for a rural look and feel. Wine crates stacked against the wall create a playful back bar, tickling the curiosity of the visitor. Combined with solid steel window frames and industrial lighting way at the back of the bar, Balthazar oozes character with a vintage twist.