The Lady in Green - A Visual of the Arctic Night
The Lady in Green - Visions of the Arctic Night
If you've ever witnessed the Aurora Borealis you know that it's hard to describe such an experience, either with words or photographs. Standing out in the cold night staring at a sky covered in green, blue and pink is an experience that sticks with you. 

For the last years I've been lucky enough to photograph this natural phenomenon through various places in Norway and Iceland. No matter how often or how visible it is, I never get tired of chasing the Northern Lights. 

An experience which has been just as meaningful to me has been to show this phenomenon to other aspiring photographers and tourists. Watching someone witness the Northern Lights for the first time is just as rewarding as viewing it myself. People have cried, laughed, shouted in excitement and celebrated with champagne after a long night out, but the one thing they all have in common is that they come home with a big smile on their faces. 

I've captured the following images during the last couple years under various conditions. Some nights have been nice and peaceful, with a slight hint of Aurora while others have had an explosive show in the sky. 

I hope you enjoy this collection of images: