When Corda Campus tapped Creneau to create a new ‘self-service’ style restaurant and connecting meeting space, we wanted our concept for these small campus newbies to click with the larger context of it surroundings.

So we asked ourselves: “What does a thriving business community need when they’re in the midst of changing the world one lunch-meeting or project pitch at a time?” Well, ‘flexibility’ is definitely at the top of that list. The feeling of having a warm, personal experience is also crucial. No cookie-cutter spaces or corporate chill, please. Creneau wanted to create a space that facilitates instead of dictates.

These elements were a perfect fit with the conceptual trend of ‘honest food experiences’, focusing on ‘authentic’ ingredients and transparency.
At the new Corda Cuisine ‘free flow restaurant’, residents of the local business community can now breeze in, fill their plate according to their own tastes (just like at home!) and even adjust the space to their needs, thanks to the flexible use of fun, practical furniture.

Because the people using the space are able to change it every single day, the ‘free flow space’ is reborn over and over again.
The connecting Corda Conference meeting space was transformed into a ‘meeting island’, linked to the restaurant both in terms of space and concept. Anyone can adjust the setting to their specific needs. It’s a sober island, offering freedom of choice in seating arrangements, corners and stage options.
The combined effect of all our creative and renovating efforts resulted in two interlinked spaces that are able to satisfy anyone on campus with an appetite for good food, practical facilities & full-on freedom.
Corda Cuisine