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    Students were required to conceptualize, design and develop an interactive typographical application to be used on a touch screen tablet.
Students were required to conceptualize, design and develop an interactive 
typographical application to be used on a touch screen tablet.
Whether/Not is a fictional weather application specifically for photographers. This app supplies photographers with current weather updates and light conditions in general or in specific areas. 
The application is very simple and practical to assist photographers to quickly check, remind or analyse what weather conditions would be the best for their photographs.
Colour palette: 
The colour palette consist of cold greys and sparkling blues reminiscent of stormy weather 
The name refers to the question many individuals ask
themselves before leaving the house: “Whether or not I should I take a jacket?”
This ties in well with the homograph: weather and whether
Basic navigation is used to guide the user from the home page to l weather, or calender. 
Weather splits into general weather or location specific. Viewers can browse to a specific date and check the wind, temperature and cloud cover for that specific day. Calender is divided into months and light conditions. 
Months give the viewer a chance to choose a certain month and place reminders on a specific date in that month.
Light conditions is sub divided into four categories: Back light, Hard light, Soft light and Side light. Each category is explained and when clicked on, photographers are given a table of dates recommended ideal for this type of photography.