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    For better or worse | Video installation
For better or worse  |   Video installation
The project "For better or worse" focuses on situations where we encounter as conflicts. Since we were asked to create a platform on which there may be incurred communication and dialogue, I chose to deal with human relations’ conflicts and in particular, couples. Nowadays, divorce rate faces a high increase, as modern people do not invest time and patience on their partner; they give little attention to the satisfaction or otherwise of the psychological needs of others and easily when they face a difficult time, they choose to go. What is very important, is the notion of commitment, which contains the idea of investment and  respect in the relationship, and determination to continue facing any difficulty or challenge. Commitment refers to the desire and intention of a person to maintain the relationship. And that is exactly what I want to comment through my project, the value of the promise we make, whether formal or informal, to our partner that we will be there in easy and difficult times to invest in and try. I use this video symbolically, with people giving vows of love, respect and goodwill, thus undermining the sense of promise, as a platform that can be the beginning to see things differently; in order to remind us the value and power of that moment.