Bethel Music
Heaven Come 2018
Dallas, Texas

Bethel Music invited us to design and create a suite of visual content for their 2018 Heaven Come Conference. Utilizing a range of physical, in-camera and digital animation methods, we built out a series of motifs around the the concept, "God is Near."

01. Northern Lights

02. Magnetic Field

03. Surreal Cloudscapes

04. Paint

05. Light Patterns

06. Gradient Water

07. Dust

08. Brush Strokes

09. Floating Flowers

Creative Direction: Arielle Ratzlaff, Anthony Diehl, Gordie Cochran
Producer: Gordie Cochran
Art Direction: Arielle Ratzlaff
DP: Darryl Augustine 
Editor: David Kelso
Animation: David Kelso, Anthony Diehl

Bethel Music Heaven Come 2018