Journey of the Masters.
This brief was set by Droga5, london in collaboration with the university of Hertfordshire in order to create an Italian brand experience for Peroni Nastro Azzurro 

My proposal was to create a series of arts and crafts workshops inherited
from north to south Italy will run throughout the year,
involving some of finest crafts people from the north and south of Italy.
The aim is to create a uniquely peroni experience that is
confident in the way it visually communicates to the
audience, Genuine in the facilities the house have, and
Creative in the workshops offered.
The exterior look of the house. 
The house of Peroni will take over an actual house located in Shoreditch.
Shoreditch is the place for young creatives and trendsetters.
The house is presented as a two story boards, where the top floor
represents the North of Italy in which it will host workshops:
-Venetian glass making by Berengo studio.
-Florence fine jewellery by Buccalleti.
-Brianza Furniture by Marioni
The southern part of the house will take part in the ground 
floor and it will host the following workshops that are to be changed 
every few months.
-Campania, hand painted dishes by Rafaellesco.
-Naples metal art by Fabio Pallanti.
Southern staff uniform.
Northern staff uniform.
Event landing page. 
Bottle Design. 
Social media Presence. 
Design identity for the South. 
North Italians are also known to have different taste of food than
southern therefore each floor will have a different Chef and italian
food style so guests can have a completly unique peroni experience
of Italy.
Aprons and interior designs are taken from the look and feel of the
real north italy based on research.
VIP Gifts.
Journey of the Masters.

Journey of the Masters.



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