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Role of Plants in the Home’s Interior
Everyone who loves life loves plants. When you go out for a walk or when you decide to go for a long trip, your destination is usually a place where there are trees and greenery. Most of the people do not like to travel to the deserts because they lack greenery. Having that said, have you ever thought about bringing the greenery into the home’s interior? Surely you want to bring life into the inside of the home; and there is no better way to do it other than bringing in the plants.

Here, some people may argue that it is pretty much difficult for the plants to survive in the home’s interior environment. Well, most of the plants do not survive in the home interior because people do not know what types of plants are going to survive in the home interior. You just have to educate yourself about the types of plants that can survive in the indoor environment.

While plants look great with all types of arrangements, they especially give character to the interior design when they form a contrast of color with the faux wall panels installed on the walls.

Now, we are going to discuss about the appropriate plants which can be placed in different types of interior areas.
Plants for office room
In most of the offices, there is no natural air and light. The plants kept in these interior areas are also not watered properly. However, there are some plants which can survive in the interior areas without proper light and water. One such type of plants is the spider plant. These plants are named after spider but these do not look like spider.

Another type of plants that you can keep in a closed office is snake plant. These plants naturally live quite longer.
Plants for living room
Unlike office, living rooms get plenty of natural light but it is the indirect sunlight. Nevertheless, there are some types of plants that do not require direct sunlight. They can thrive well in the indirect sunlight.

One such type of plants is the Cacti. These plants do well in the indirect sunlight. And you only have to water these plants once a week.

Another type of plants is known as air plant. These are the plants which do not even require soil to survive. The only maintenance you will need to provide to these plants is to dunk them in water for 2 – 3 hours after every 10 days.