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A dreamlike pop-up shop inspired by the stories, wisdom and people of Tomorrow. Tomorrowland started out as a small, local festival near Antwerp, Belgium. In just a few years, it has blossomed into a global phenomenon that changed the standards of festival experiences and the perception of dance festivals everywhere. Its legendary dreamlike atmosphere and its stage-designs straight from the pages of a fairytale inspired Creneau in the creation of the Tomorrowland pop-up shop in the heart of the Antwerp fashion district. To create a pop-up shop that lives up to the expectations of the (extremely devoted Tomorrowland fans is quite a challenge, so we literally took a page from the Tomorrowland brand book and transformed it into an inspirational, dreamlike space begging to be discovered.
The underlying concept is the ‘Book of Wisdom’, where you can find great Tomorrowland stories and add stories of your own. By stepping into the shop, you are entering another world: a large library where books can fly and each room, level and installation reveals a new surprise.
Of course, it being a shop, there is plenty of Tomorrowland merchandise on display, offering people a chance to take a piece of the magic home with them.
The store experience might have been temporary (it is a pop-up shop after all),thanks to its immersive dreamlike essence, we are sure it will linger on in the memory of visiting Tomorrowland fans for a long, long time to come.