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    Story about my hometown.
Bratsk - the city of my childhood
In 1947, the Gulag Angara prison labor camp was constructed near Bratsk, with capacity for up to 44,000 prisoners for projects such as the construction of the railways and new plants.
50 years ago people build here Hydroelectric power station, aluminum and chloric plants
Temperature -40С, its difficult to understand space around, all attention is riveted on a freezing nose and feet
My house placed on border between the city and the village, in the same place where stay psychiatric hospital
I remember I loved infinite winter
Bratsk was among the Blacksmith Institute's "Dirty Thirty", the thirty most polluted places in the world
Ecological disaster. People says that the person adapts to everything
In 1998, after tons of mercury were found at the bottom of the reservoir, warnings were posted urging local citizens to avoid the reservoir at all costs
the destroyed giants - the Soviet industrial plants. in these rooms we played with ghosts
When I returned on homeland again, I was surprised, that here passed my happy childhood