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    Overview of the branding of Heist Brewings
The biggest, and most fulfilling, project that I have taken on to date would be the complete branding of Heist Brewing, a small micro-brewery in Brookings, SD.
With Heist I was able to create everything from the ground up. I designed the logo, banners, bottle labels, business cards, I was even able to (with the help of my good friend Nathan Morrison) create and launch their website, www.HeistBrewing.com. This experience proved to be incredibly beneficial in my growth as a designer simply because of the sheer volume of work necessary. The overall reach of the project was something unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. I had pressure on me that I had never had before. It was a new experience for me to have actual meetings, listen to their ideas, and help make them come to life.
Heist has been the subject of Keloland’s ‘Eye on Keloland’ segment twice, and each time I’ve felt a great sense of pride seeing that something I designed on television. I believe that as a designer that there can be no greater feeling than knowing your work makes a difference.
I’m grateful that I was given the chance to do something that most designers my age don’t get to do, and I can’t thank Heist enough for giving me the opportunity and helping me grow as a designer as they grow as a company.