A sustainable concept with seasonal, plant-based dishes – that is Tero, Esperanto for earth. After the huge success of Tero in Waver, it is high time to conquer all taste buds of Brussels and beyond. Tero entered a steaming affair with Creneau International. On the menu: the complete construction, project management and interior design, topped with a stunning centerpiece of a bar.
Tero diners will have the seasons on their plate. The Tero farm, Ferme des Rabanisse, and collaborations with local businesses ensure ample supply of the freshest produce. This way, economical and ecological motives are united, as are health and gastronomy. 
First, we went to the restaurant in Waver to complete submerge ourselves into the Tero philosophy. The interior of the Waver location is beautiful yet simple. To translate it into a Tero Brussels we needed more – a tangible story.
Everything revolves around the earth, Tero. Layered in all its aspects, from earthly elements and seasons to the surrounding cosmos. It translates into the Tero concept – from sow to harvest, from prep to serve. We wanted to implement these layers into the interior.
By placing an eye-catcher in the middle of the restaurant, we interconnect the different levels of the building. An impressive concrete bar was placed which immediately sets the tone. The bar perfectly illustrates the layering of the earth.
“The concrete bar is a conversation starter, it calls for a response. This is exactly what I envisioned.” - Maarten Groven, Senior Designer
The four seasons are entwined around a central column, the wine pillar. If you walk past the structure of slats, the image on them changes – a lenticular effect. From autumn to winter and spring to summer, to the rythm of the seasons. An optical effect from a Belgian landscape, a nod toward Ferme des Rabanisse.
The terrazzo, quartz-based floor provides a natural link to the earth.
The ceiling was transformed into the cosmos. With the idea of connecting all spaces, we worked with concentric circles surrounding the central wine pillar. They provide the blueprint for all technical elements in the ceiling, including the custom-made luminaires.
A mood board with inspirational keywords illustrates the Tero ideology.
Roughly cut pieces of felt were layered on the walls to optimize acoustics.
Oh did we mention the food is absolutely sublime? See you in Tero!
Tero Brussels