Piknic Electronik 2018 Print Campaign: Served Fresh

After receiving awards from Lux, Communication Arts and Applied Arts, Piknic Électronik’s latest campaign continues to ride the wave. The Piknic communications team had the excellent idea of running the campaign over a period of several years, once again asking Ethos and photographer Virginie Gosselin to design a series of visuals to be added to those already existing. This allowed them to continue using the images created in 2016 while adding fresh new visuals. The result was an extended family of eight colourful, eye-catching posters destined to adorn the subway stations and streets of Montreal all summer long.

What was originally intended to be a seasonal poster campaign has become the ongoing visual identity of the event. Campaign visuals are also used on the Piknic website, on social media, in animations and in urban design at the event venue.

Once again this year, the Montreal advertising campaign will be exported to all the Piknics around the world, appearing in several major cultural centres—Barcelona, Lisbon, Melbourne, Dubai and Santiago.
Client: Piknic Électronik
Concept, copywriting, art direction and graphic design: Rachel Lecompte et Gabriel Lefebvre (Ēthos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Painter: Mariane Stratis
Retouching: Lucas Bayzelon (Visual Box)
Making of video: Raphaëlle Rousseau et Simon 'Ronny' Lebrun (Content Content)
Piknic Electronik 2018 Print Campaign: Served Fresh