This is one special post for sure; Special, because I was able to go to Madison Square Garden for the first time in my life. OMG! And secondly, I was able to document the official marriage of The Harriet Tubman Charter School and The Ronnie Brewer Foundation. The Foundation(RBF) has already been sponsoring the students of the school to come to various Knick's home games this season; however, it wasn’t until recently that “adoption” of the middle school became official. With faithful diligence Felicia Yarber, the school’s Assistant Principal, was able to bring this exciting opportunity to the children/staff with the support of the members of The Ronnie Brewer Foundation. In all, I'd like to personally thank Ms. Yarber for the opportunity to attend, document and be apart of the entire experience, The Ronnie Brewer Foundation for the great seats, & Ronnie Brewer #11, for jus’ bein’ dat dude. SD3 OUT!
This is the official adoption letter between The Ronnie Brewer Foundation & The Harriet Tubman Charter School.
Gameday! And it goes as follows... ((this happens to be the agenda for the Lakers game, but we followed suit))
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