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Gun Safety Education: EduGun (MFA Thesis Project)
EduGun: MFA Thesis Project
A school project for Academy of Art University
Branding, Art direction, Graphic design

Gun violence is one of the most serious social issues in the US. Some people say that guns are essential to our freedom and represent real American values, but others insist that guns have to be eliminated. While they debate endlessly, the problem of gun violence and its victims remains unsolved. As a foreigner from a gun-free country, I found the whole thing to be quite shocking. I feel that my status as an outsider gives me a little objectivity, or at least I am not stuck in the same debate as Americans. 

From my perspective, American citizens need a unified and effective nationwide gun education program which at the same time does not have any extreme political agenda (such as the programs which have tried before and failed.) This program covers the gun-related issues from their historical roots to safety as well as the related mental health issues. I believe this deeper and more concentrated approach might help to reduce gun violence and help the citizens of the US find some unity around this issue.

01. EduGun website
An apolitical curriculum which will help students develop informed opinions from an early age

EduGun website is one of the main deliverables within this project. The website shares all the curriculum information through this website and the target users: teachers and parents can use this apolitical educational website so that a standardized educational system can be maintained. Also, the website provides simple instructions on how to teach students and children in classrooms and in the home. 

The curriculum ideas and contents are all from my research. After I built the prototype, I conducted user testing with potential users, teachers and high school students and made some changes and finalized the prototype. However after this step, I made some major changes to the visual aspect, and I had to re-design the website with the same structure and contents.

2. EduGun Detector  |  Mobile Application
An application allows users to identify the symptoms of gun violence and share their ideas and experiences. 

The EduGun Detector application helps users detect signs of gun violence and it suggests solutions. This idea is from the 3rd insight, which says that gun violence is preventable as long as we recognize the signs. 

The EduGun Detector application helps users detect signs of gun violence and it suggests solutions. This idea is from the 3rd insight, which says that gun violence is preventable as long as we recognize the signs. During the research, I found the “Know the Signs” program from the Sandy Hook Promise organization, and I decided to make the program interactive which makes the program more accessible and usable in this digital era. The app also connect users to professionals who can provide advice on gun violence, guns, gun laws as well as mental health care. 

03. EduGun promotional products: booklet & posters
A basic informational booklet provides simple instructions of the website

The booklet promotes the EduGun program and informs people about the website, and it will be in schools so that teachers can distribute it to their students, who can then give it to their parents. Also, the booklets can be placed be in public places, stores, local markets, and libraries. 
The posters promote gun education and encourage people to participate in the program

The poster series emphasizes the serious gun violence situation in the US and suggest EduGun as the solution. Each poster shows a statistic illustrated within the EduGun visual system. Like the booklet, the poster could be put up in schools and throughout the community to raise awareness of the EduGun system and the apolitical approach. 

Gun Safety Education: EduGun (MFA Thesis Project)