Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Coffee Label Illustrations
We had the amazing opportunity to illustrate all of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's coffee bag labels that are now on store shelves. The end result is a library of illustrations that we're so excited to share. Among them we've tried to capture the diversity of flavors and roasting locations that are found in the world of coffee.
It's All in the Details
Whether the coffee beans are from Guatemala or Hawai'i, we've made sure to pay close attention to the details in each piece – just as the process of roasting coffee is detail-oriented from the moment it's picked to the time it's enjoyed.
Coffee Galore
Below is the collection of illustrations that we've created for the coffee bags. We've tried to capture the entire spectrum of blends and flavors with content, setting, and colors. We hope you'll all enjoy this journey around the world with us.
The Process
We begin each illustration with a rough, pencil sketch to establish the composition. The sketch is then made into a grayscale illustration in Adobe Illustrator to decide value and contrast. Once that balance is found we add colors to convey warmth and life. After coloring the artwork, we bring the illustration into the iPad app Procreate as reference for the textured illustration. Final touch-ups (including cleanup and color correction) are completed in Adobe Photoshop.