Packaging design-My first cupcake
The Product.
The pack is design to get kids excited about baking and cooking. Because these types of  skills are useful further on in life  it is important to teach kids to enjoy it early on. the product packaging is duel use, the first being to packaging the contents of the baking kit and the second being a tray that can be used to store six cupcakes for easy transport so that children can carry them with them so school or social gathering's to share with friends. The product includes; a cupcake mix, cocoa mix and icing sugar mix. with the inclusion of 12 cupcake paper holders.
The Brand.
Because the pack is aimed at kids the branding had to be fun and colourful. the branding for the pack includes a straight logo type with slight curved edges and irregular stem lengths. The name of the Pack is Monsters and Munchkins. it was given this named because of the inclusion of the monster characters that interact with the packaging instructions and the children, helping them through the process of baking the cupcakes. 
The logo
Meet the monsters
The characters are simple with a little texture in them to add depth. They are soft in nature to match with the design of the type and to keep them cute and attractive to the kids. The aim was to make them non scary and more cute and friendly with their own personalities, so that kids are more likely to interact with them.
Graphic placement
The graphics are designed to create a landscape for the characters to live in and keep a flow of information across the pack
The opening of the box is designed with two lids that close one over the other. this is done to add an extra level of sealing the box to keep the cupcakes that are placed in the box after the contents are used.
Thank you!!