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The Digital Justice Lab is a national organization that engages and collaborates with diverse communities to build alternative digital futures. We work alongside technologists, community activists, and policymakers to shape a better understanding of technology and its impact on communities across the country. Through technology capacity building we support diverse communities in making informed decisions around digital issues, helping build a more just and equitable society here in Canada.
Digital Justice Lab has a wide range of audiences. It calls for a design that embodies possible adaption to different situations. 

The circular form and resulted combinations are recognizable and can be remixed to create pattern variations that are exploratory and friendly for prints and branded merchandise.

The shape is recognizably an adapted “infinity symbol“ with slight hints of the letters of “d” and “j”. Rather than a closed loop, the logo suggests fluidity and open spaces.
This is a logo Digital Justice Lab can evolve with and grow with. 

The image can be remixed to generate different patterns yet still maintain a recognizable visual structure from the original geometry. Patterns and decorative graphics can be generated using the base shapes and brand colours - red, yellow, and blue, the primary colours. 

We took inspirations from both the technology world and the creative world: remixing and re-inventing existing material to generate something refreshing and suitable for its context. By breaking the graphical elements apart and putting them back together, this logo is at the same time a tool for self-expression rather than a static marking. The patterns are to be used towards promotional material and prints.
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Logo Design Digital Justice Lab

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Logo Design Digital Justice Lab

Logo design for Digital Justice Lab