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Unchained Athletics
Unchained Athletics

Eddy came to us for a new branding experience for Unchained Athletics. Something that would stand out from all the fitness brands and represent who Eddy/UA is. We wanted to create a down to earth, approachable yet inspiring brand. More than often the health and fitness industry can feel intimidating, Unchained Athletics believes we can all be an athlete with proper training and movements. 

“The belief of unchained athletics is that anybody regardless of age or gender can perform and move as fluid as an athlete.”
— Unchained Athletics

In collaboration with Arslan, we started with the logo redesign. Unchained Athletics is about people breaking out of their comfort zone and the believes that are holding them back to unleash their full potential. The logo was outdated and it wasn't very versatile. We wanted to make sure the new logo can be adapted for print and social media. Something that can stand alone as a symbol and with a wordmark. 
Logo Explorations
Final Logo & Brand Expression
We wanted Unchained Athletics to look fresh and modern but also friendly and personable. So we incorporated a handwritten font with our modern typography. Along with the colours add they warmth and brightness to the brand. 

Photographic treatment using halftone textures and blue/red gradient. Creating a style that is unique and ownable amongst the other fitness brands out there. Photos using real people and clientele from Unchained Athletics.
Unchained Athletics