Objetos de coração partido
Objetos de coração partido é uma experiência fotográfica onde são os objetos o alvo da dor e nostalgia características de ter um coração partido. 

[Broken-hearted objects is a photographic experience where objects are the victims of a broken heart, and thus, pain and nostalgia. ]
Missing what never was.
Give me two shots of that poison of yours.
It was love at first sight. At second. At third. And at last.
I feel in my guts a giant turmoil with a bittersweet taste. Is that you?
I don't want to look back. I don't want to be a sal statue.
You're to me a washed-out memory  from those people who, more than fear of forgetting, fear remembering.  
Does selective forgetfulness exist? Cause I need it!
Meet you in 5 years in a coffee shop.
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Objetos de coração partido