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    Logo and landscape design for a compedition.
The team 4 change received second prize at SLANT AWARDS SPRING 2012 COMPETITION.
Logo design for the team 4 change and landscape design including concept for a fictitious city which would be located in japan.
The team 4-CHANGE developed a design for the city of Sen Sakana. The overall concept is built around the historical background of the city. Traces of the first settlers have been found in the close proximity of the lake, they possibly moved in search of more fertile grounds thousands of years ago. They cross the vast chain of mountains Nichibotsu no yama and set the first rudimental camp sites, finding a favourable and diverse climate throughout the year. The settlers quickly adapted to the environment, changing their agricultural habits to develop unique fishing techniques, surviving thanks to the abundance and diversity of fish in the Uoko lake.
Floating island:
These islands are complete ecosystems, their role is to clean the polluted water and create a place for wildlife to thrive. Birds, insects, fish will find inhabit these floating islands. The lake will gain biodiversity and the quality of the water will improve.