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    The Tale of Balaclava Bear tells a dark story of death, theft and chaos in the woods.
The Tale of Balaclava Bear is a project I've been working on with ceramic legend, Sootcookie.
What started out as an illustration, soon became a range of unique, hand-painted characters that told a dark story of death, robbery and chaos in the woods.
I wrote this poem and Gareth Cohen put this awesome poster together.
I wanted to add another dimension to the range, so I sought help from animator and local woodsman, Arri Reschke. He helped create a range of angry wooden bees which became part of our first window display at The Fringe Arts on Kloof Street.
A collaboration come to life.
The original illustration and first model.
The mould (body, arms and honey pot) and first unveiling.
A bear ass.
Tools of the trade.
A big thanks to all those who have supported this project. Without you this would have remained a lonely scamp on a cluttered desk.
Designer/Writer/Photographer: Alex Goldberg
Ceramic Artist: Sootcookie (Tanya Laing)
Woodsman: Arri Reschke
Poster Designer: Gareth Cohen
They are for sale. If you want to give a bear a hiding place then beg, borrow, steal and email me.