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Тропический лес
Tropical Rain Forest

Design and construction of the exhibition zone

Our team designed and build the exhibition "Tropical Rain forest" for SEC "Primorsky Aquarium". This is one of the 12 zones of the scientific-and-educational center.
The exhibition immerses the visitor in a humid equatorial climate through the use of scenery and technological systems that maintain tropical microclimate inside and living plants intergrated into artificial scenery.
Living plants
50 km of communication systems designed for irrigation, drainage for flowerbeds and separate plants.

Development of the exhibition
Over 15 zones designed and drawn inside the exhibition.
Requirements for the exhibition:
Compliance with climatic condition
Resistance to aggressive environment
The symbiosis of different types of tropical plants
The symbiosis of different species of tropical animals and insects
Different types of lighting
Navigation within the exhibition
Arrange recreation areas
To provide infomatsionny nostitel

12 life-size trees
в натуральную величину

1 000 species
of living plants integrated in the scenery

2 000 square metres
of the decorative cover, rocks, roots and waterfalls

90% Humidity
in the exhibition provides favorable microclimate for plants and inhabitants of the exhibition. 
Inhabitants of the tropical rain forest
More than 20 aquariums and terrariums with animals integrated into the scenery.
Development team / role
Aleksey Malitsky / Art Director
Natalia Malitskaya / Designer
Anton Guba / Production and Technical Department Engineer
Andrey Adrianov / Scientific consultant

Тропический лес

Тропический лес

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