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    Gustavo Brigante for Fotolia TEN 2013 more details at:
This is the video the amazing guys at GangCorp / What The Film / Wisibility / Amkashop did for my participation as an opener of the Fotolia Ten 2013 project, featuring 10 artists from 10 countries in 10 months, launching a free PSD for 24hs. every 10th of the month (except feb. and march where it's the 8)

The work and effort they put into making this is undescribable, they are true professionals and are amazing to work with.
We went across Buenos Aires, filming our own customs and traditional places, trying to capture the escence of a city that's being modernized and leaving the escence behind.
You have subtitles in many different languages to view this video available through the captions button on YT, so i hope you enjoy it. 
This is my composed piece that you can get as a Photoshop PSD file for the launching of Fotolia TEN 2013.
Gustavo Brigante for Fotolia™
We've been working last month with the friends from What The Film / Wisibility, about my participation in 2013 edition of Fotolia Ten. An educative/creative global project (10 months, 10 artists from different parts of the world such as Brasil, United States, Korea, Poland, Germany, Russia, Japan, England, Spain, Italy and France.

January 10th (in 2 days) my PSD for the collection it's going to be available for download for free, so i hope it's useful for people learning to compose and Photoshop in general. In this post it's the video made by them representing Argentina through my participation in the project, and showing places of Buenos Aires, while you can listen some of my comments and see me working around or doing some interviews. Hope you like! And do tell me what you thought of the PSD


As additional data, this project was announced through tv, newspapers and online media in 40 countries around the world, next some of the online articles where it was published:
Gustavo Brigante and Alejandro Ventura (Director of Fotolia Argentina and Professional photographer)
During the shooting for the central part of the piece, featuring Pavle Savic, an amazing Filmmaker who filmed all of the videos you will see related to the Fotolia TEN project across the past, present and future :)
Fotolia Ten Download PSD section, now after the free period ended, you can still buy the PSD for 5 euros.
The low price is to increase the amount of young students who might need it for educational purposes, 
and i do hope they find it useful and/or inspirational.
Antony Legrand (Wisibility, Photoshop Magazine, GangCorp) and Pavle Savic (What The Film, GangCorp)
shooting the amazing waterfalls at "Throat of the devil" in Misiones, Argentina.
Axel Guenoun (What The Film, GangCorp) and me (Gustavo Brigante) in the hard task of avoiding river zombies while trying to film the coast for the Fotolia Ten video.
Pavle Savic working hard trying to avoid his camera to get wet by the fierce argentinian waterfalls!

Directed by Gang Corporate
Director / Editor / Colorist: Pavle Savic
Music / Sound Design: Axel Guenoun
Motion Design: Mister Gü