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Benefits of Choosing Faux
Home renovation or decoration can turn out to be pretty difficult because it is not just the structural change you need to deal with; you will also need to pick the best material to make design enhancement of your home. Even if you are just considering changing the décor, it is going to cost you huge chunk of money and time. Fortunately, there are now some alternatives that you can pick in order to make the designing process lighter not only on your pocket but also from the perspective of time and efforts. One of such alternatives is going for the faux panels.
As mentioned above, faux stone panels are highly affordable as compared to real stones and bricks that you use as panels. The major reason faux panels are less expensive is that these panels are made of less expensive but highly durable material called polyurethane. Furthermore, faux panels do not require any labor work for application. You can do the application in not more than just a weekend.
These panels are DIY
Not so long ago, renovation and home décor were thought to be pretty difficult. Although you need to call experts for major remodeling tasks, you can take care of home décor by yourself now. And it has been possible due to availability of faux panels. Faux panels are easy to cut and apply on the walls. Thus, you may not need any professional help for the application of faux panels.
No need of special tools
Application of faux panels doesn’t require use of heavy tools. You just need to have a screwdriver, a simple saw, nails, and caulking material for attaching the panels.
Water resistance
Faux panels are ideally resistant to water. This is due to the close-cell structure of polyurethane that doesn’t allow the water to absorb into the material. Due to this ability to resist water absorption, you can safely install faux stone panels in the areas where there is the use of water such as kitchen and bathroom. As a matter of fact, faux stone panels may be quite effective for the exterior designing as well. You can install faux stone panels on the exterior walls without worrying about them to get ruined due to moisture.
In the past, the faux stone panels were not quite attractive as there was no way of texturizing them to make them look like real stone, wood or bricks. However, the panels available now are texturized to look exactly like the real materials they mimic. Hence, it is your best option to go for the faux panels if you want to bring the looks of original paneling material while saving the huge costs.